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  1. 2007.11.16 구글 GWT 컨퍼런스 (GWT Conference: December 3-6, 2007)

이번 컨퍼런스는 샌프란시스코에서 하나 봅니다.

12월 3일 부터 6일까지네요..  구굴 UI 개발자가 되기위해서는 GWT를 아주 잘 알아야한다죠..

뭐 그것만 알아서 될 일은 아니지만 말이죠..

Addison-Wesley and Prentice Hall are putting on a conference dedicated to GWT on December 3-6 in San Francisco.

Meet and learn from the folks, both Google engineers and community members, who have developed GWT. Speakers will share their experiences in building real-world applications with GWT. Speakers include many of the GWT team members, including Bruce Johnson and Joel Webber. They will be joined by Billy Hoffman, Jeet Kaul, Josh Bloch, David Geary, and other members of the GWT community.

Introductory Topics

  • Getting started with GWT
  • Solving traditional web usability problems with AJAX and GWT
  • Building user interfaces
  • Client/server communication, including RPC, JSON, and XML
  • Integration and interoperation with existing applications and libraries
  • Unit testing and benchmarking
  • Deploying GWT applications effectively

Advanced Topics

  • Advanced UI programming: Widgets, Panels, DOM, and JSNI
  • Using deferred binding for dependency injection and code generation
  • Designing for no-compromise usability, including tips for maximizing responsiveness, supporting history, and internationalizing well
  • Maximizing code reuse
  • Understanding compilation, the JavaScript Native Interface (JSNI), and optimizations
  • Security considerations for AJAX and GWT
  • Architecting big applications with GWT

Network with colleagues and GWT team members to discuss the underlying promise of GWT as well as its current challenges:

  • How can I integrate GWT into my existing application?
  • How have others added functionality to GWT?
  • How can one best take advantage of Java
    design patterns in GWT?
  • For large projects, how can we handle multiple entry points?
  • What are the best practices for debugging
    GWT applications?
  • Which IDEs work best with GWT?
  • How have others integrated Spring and Hibernate?
  • How can you contribute to the Google Web Toolkit project?

To whet your appetite they put together a couple of interviews with the founders of GWT that are worth a lesson:

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